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How To Create Video Graphics To Show Off Your Lead Magnet, Ebook or PDF

Hey! So tell me, do you sell (or give away a free) a downloadable document and have you have no idea how to show it off so that people buy or sign up for it?

My favourite method is something you can create in just a few minutes using 2 free tools!

(these instructions relate to using a desktop computer and not a mobile device)

You will need:

  1. A Canva account
  2. A Screencast-o-matic account
  3. Your PDF document in portrait orientation

Firstly open Screencastomatic and launch the recorder screen. you then want to drag the edges of the recording window so that it fits around the first page of your PDF. I would make the window slightly taller than the PDF page and you’ll see why later.

Hit record and once it’s counted down 3 2 1, you can scroll down your PDF (slowly enough to see what it looks like but fast enough to not be too readable), then stop the recording. Save it and you should have something like this:

Now you have your video you want to head to Canva. Create a new ‘instagram post’ design but don’t use one of their templates. I used a photo background for mine, I searched for flatlay and chose one that had space for me to add the ipad. You could just use a plain colour background as well.

Next go to the ‘elements’ tab and then ‘frames’. You can see that there’s a mobile, an ipad, a desktop computer and lots of other things too. I find this works best with either the mobile or the ipad. Click on one of those to add it to your design and then move it and size it appropriately.

Once you have this ipad frame where you want it, you can upload your video and then drag it on top of this scenic image which will change to your video. You can move the video around slightly and I would recommend dragging it down so you cut off the screencast-o-matic watermark (if you use the paid plan of SCOM then you won’t have the watermark.)

You can also use this same method to just add a screenshot of the front cover of your PDF so that it’s a photo instead of a video, and you could make a few different versions with different backgrounds for variety when you’re posting about your offer.

So I hope that helps give you a new way of presenting your digital content that you have for sale. If you need any help with this, or want to show off your creations, come and and post in the free Facebook group THE CONTENT LOUNGE. I can’t wait to see what you make!

Sammie x

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