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Let’s Get Visible – 10 Ideas That Really Work To Get Your Business Seen

Do you find yourself stuck in a trap of doing the same things over and over again and not really getting results? Or just getting the same results and you really want to push even further but don’t know how?

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

~ Albert Einstein

One of the biggest stumbling blocks that my clients come across, is not knowing how to get their business seen by new people. A familiar way of showing up sets in, and soon enough they can’s see any other way.

Maybe you’re the same, you’re comfortable with posting in the bubble that is your own Facebook group, but how do you get more people to see your stuff other than the number that are in your closed group?

Here’s some ideas for you:


I’ve featured some brilliant business owners on blog posts of mine over the last few years, and it’s a fantastic way of getting your business seen by others. This can work in both directions, either by getting someone to guest blog on your website, or finding websites that you can guest blog for.

Imagine if you feature someone on your blog, you give them the space to write a piece that your audience would love and that compliments the kind of work you do or the products you sell (without competing). Once it’s published they’re going to share it with their audience, this means more traffic to your site and new eyes on what you do, as well as supporting another business.

So the same applies if you write a piece to be featured somewhere else, again for a business that compliments your type of business. They’ll share the post once it’s written, voila – more people seeing your stuff!

It’s simple, and it’s free.


If you’re reading this at the time it was written (June 2020) then this one is slightly trickier with the way the world is right now, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. However many networking events have now been taken online and are taking place by Zoom.

When I moved to Chesterfield 2 years ago, I didn’t know a soul. My first port of call was to find another business networking group so I could meet some people in the same boat as me. I now have some wonderful friends that I met at that very group, and now also admin Chesterfield Business Mums. But I cannot stress enough how brilliant these are both for business and for meeting other local people. These amazing ladies are always recommending me if someone needs what I offer but I wouldn’t have met them if I hadn’t showed up to a get together (even though I didn’t know anyone!)


Have you seen any of the posts on Facebook that say #socialsaturday or #followfriday (or even my own #mondaymingle over in The Content Lounge)? If you aren’t taking part in any of these then you are missing a HUGE opportunity. It takes just a minute to add your business to these threads, and also check out a few others (because it’s good to be a nice human and show some love for other business owners just like you)

Some of these popular threads get an amazing amount of views, and your business can be part of that. Top tip for joining in with those, is to make your post eye catching, include a photo, tell people exactly what you do and what kind of people you want to come and check you out!


Do you know some other business owners who target the same audience as you but with a different product? Why not get together and do a joint giveaway? By more than one of you being involved, and promoting it, you’re benefitting from the audiences of those businesses too.


Being sociable is an excellent way to grow your business. Choose a couple of groups and decide to become really present in those groups (too many groups at one time just waters the whole thing down).

Make a conscious effort to comment on lots of things where you can offer advice, tips, support, or the answers people are looking for.

Initiate conversations too. Are there questions that you can ask that relate somehow to what you sell? Asking people what their favourite way to unwind is if you sell products of that nature? Not only is this great to just be SEEN more, but it can also give you some brilliant wording to use in future offers, as you can see exactly how people would describe their thoughts around whatever your topic is.

If you have your profile set up right (with your business page linked under your ‘about’ section where it says ‘works at’) then people can see what your business is just by hovering over your profile pic in a FB group. They might then think ‘oooooooh lets check this out’.

I could name a handful of people in a large FB group I’m in, that do this really well, they are always commenting and posting (not with selling posts though) and are seen as the go to people if someone now asks for what they offer. And people know them because they are always visible in that group! Try it 🙂


I listen to a lot of podcasts, and many of the people that are guests on those podcasts end up being people that I check out and usually follow on FB or IG.

Again, go into groups, look for conversations around this, or just go and post and see if anyone is looking for a guest to talk about >> insert your expertise here <<


Have you done something amazing in your business? Do you have a good story to tell? It can be worth contacting your local paper to see if they would like to do a feature on a local business owner doing great things.

You can also look on twitter for hashtags such as #journorequest to see if you can contribute little snippets of info to larger articles.

There will be FB groups relating to PR so you could also join those and see what’s being asked for. Particularly around Mothers/Fathers Day, Valentines, Christmas etc there are often gift guides being put together, so a few months in the run up, PR people are putting out requests for many types of business.


This wonderful invention called IG stories is the way that this works best.

Either you tag someone in an actual post, and they then share it to their stories (meaning more eyes on your business, as well as theirs by you tagging them) OR you can use the little stories feature that is quite new that says ‘support small business’.

Tag a few of your faves in a story post, or tag any businesses that feature in your photos, and they’ll get a notification and will be able to share straight to their stories too! Most small businesses will automatically share any shout outs so this is a great way to get seen.

It’s particularly good to tag businesses who are bigger than you, who have no idea who you are at the moment (maybe you own a product of theirs that you can include in a photo), get them to notice you by tagging them …. such as ‘today’s makeup look includes >> list all products used and tag the brands <<


Some people are constantly searching hashtags so will come across new accounts, and you can actually follow hashtags too.

So make sure you are using hashtags that your ideal customers could be looking for. Work in the wedding industry? #bridetobe2021 would be a far better hashtag than #blue #flowers for example.

You can also follow those same hashtags that you think your ideal customers could be using, like and comment on posts that pop up using that hashtag.


Pinterest is REALLY overlooked by business owners on the whole. It acts like more of a search engine so can be a great tool for driving traffic to your website. It’s very visual so you need to be creating pins that stand out, then you can add a description, hashtags, and of course a link to your website.

I hope you have found this useful, why not make this week a week that you try at least one of these? I would love to hear what you try!!

Sammie x

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