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How To Makeover Your Instagram In 5 Easy Steps

IG envy, it’s a real thing. Whether it’s the amount of followers someone has, the fact that others get engagement and you don’t, the way someone else’s IG grid looks, we always want what we haven’t got.

But I’m here to give you some easy things you can do right now to give your IG a bit of a makeover and boost the way it looks. One less thing for you to have envy over when it comes to other people’s accounts!

Try my 5 easy steps:

Spruce Up Your BIO

Your bio is one of the first things that people see when they land on your IG profile, when looking from a mobile. Your job with your bio is to make it easy for people to understand what you do and who it’s for.

I find that by using emojis, and creating a more bullet point list makes it both easier to read for the viewer, but also means you don’t have to put together a well structured paragraph explaining what you do.

Bullet points are easy to consume, and emojis draw the eye in.

Change Your Profile Picture

Give yourself a new look with a new profile picture. Go for clear and uncluttered if it’s a photo of something, remember that your picture will be shown as a teeny tiny icon around instagram, such as when you comment. So if it’s too busy then no-one will be ale to tell what it is.

If it’s your logo, make sure it fits into the circle. If your logo is usually longer than taller and doesn’t fit properly in a circle then consider getting a sub logo created for this purpose (it’s a simplified version of your logo so maybe just initials, or a symbol, that still all ties in with your main visual brand. So mine for an example. My main ‘Oh So Boss’ text would be too long to fit so I have this OSB sub logo which is really recognisable now as I use it as a profile pic on all social media platforms.

Let’s Talk About Colour

One of the best ways to get your brand looking visually consistent, is to use the same colour palette for everything. Often people interpret this to mean that everything needs to be the exact same colour. This reminds me of a stressed out bride running around trying to find the exact shade of pink on the ribbons to match the invitations to the bridesmaids dresses. It doesn’t matter to that extreme.

However, it is good to have an overall theme. Your business might be all about relaxation and calm, in which case your branding might lean towards blues and greens. Perhaps you have a bold and fun brand with right purple and yellow. Or maybe your business leans towards luxury with champagnes, cream and gold.

Whatever you have, stick with it. When you’re creating graphics for your social media posts, use the same few colours (I recommend 2 maybe 3 main colours and a couple of accent colours). When looking for stock images (if applicable – see THIS BLOG POST if you want tips on that) then search for ones with the same kind of colour feel.

The OSB colours are black and white mostly, with some hints of pink or gold creeping in. As you can see here, the whole feed follows that look.

I’ve Got A Blank Space Baby

Taylor swift talks about it, I love to talk about it, blank space is a MUST when creating an IG grid that feels uncluttered and easy for your audience to digest. Busy photos for each post are overwhelming and can turn people off. Break up those busy visuals with some blocks of more solid colour, consider adding a small amount of text to a plain background that matches your colour palette, or adding some stock photos that are very simple. Opt for clear and simple and this will give you a much better overall look.

Use Highlight Icons

Story posts are where it’s at on IG at the moment. Using the stories feature can give your audience a great insight to you, behind the scenes, any special offers, and things that don’t always fit with your grid posts. Once you’ve posted a story, you can choose to ‘highlight’ it which means to save it in a category. You can add little images as a ‘cover’ for those categories and these are known as highlight icons. I like the use of little symbols that represent what might be contained within that category, you can see below the ones that I use but there are so many options from family to travel, offers or news, behind the scenes, blog posts, new products, announcements, or even split your products up into categories if relevant.

I’m going to be creating a bundle of highlight icons for sale soon, in a range of colour options. Make sure you’re on the Happy Mail list to be notified of this (see the website home page)

So I hope that helps, you could make these tweaks in less than an hour and have an IG feed that you love!

I’d love to see what you’ve done, come and post about it in the free group on Facebook – The Content Lounge.

See you there!

Sammie @ TeamOSB x

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