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Beautiful Images For Your Website Or Blog – My Favourite Free Stock Sites

You may or may not know that I (Sammie) have worked as a brand designer for the last few years. I’ve worked mainly with amazing female entrepreneurs on some beautiful brands, and one thing that I hope I manage to get across to everyone that I work with, is that your brand doesn’t stop at a logo.

Your visual brand is so much more than that, and I believe that the images you use in your social media, your website, your emails. workbooks, flyers and more, are a really important part in helping your business to stand out online.

The problem, however, when it comes to images, is that so many people just head for Google. Please promise that from now on, you don’t take a single image from Google ever again. Every image on the internet belongs to someone, and you can’t just use them as you please.

Stock image sites are set up in such a way, that the images CAN be used for commercial purposes, meaning that you can usually use them on your websites, in your marketing etc, without needing to attribute anyone (it’s worth checking each site’s licence though)

Here’s a list of sites I love:

Ivory Mix


Kate Max Stock

Styled Stock Society


KK Stock Shop

All of these listed above will provide you with some free images if you subscribe to their newsletter, and then have paid subscription or bundle options. The sites listed below, are sites where you can just search what you need and download as many as you like 🙂






My favourite thing to do is to search these sites for a particular colour, and to download anything that matches my brand aesthetic. The OhSoBoss brand is a lot of black and white, with the odd splash of pink, quite a lot of desk and stationery related images along with some quotes, coffee and macarons!

I would love to hear about what you come across, which of these sites come to be your favourite (I have my faves amongst these!) and what kind of thigs you search for to fnd the perfect images for your brand.

And remember, no more Googling! There’s really no excuse with all this at your fingertips ……

Sammie. x

PS – want more tips on creating amazing content for your business? Come and join us for free in The Content Lounge facebook group. See you there x

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