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20 Ways You Could Still Earn From Your Business Even If You Can’t Go OUT To Work

There may be times in your business owning career, that you can’t physically go out to work. Your children may be sick, your customers may be sick, your childcare may not be open, a business contract that you have could be unexpectedly cancelled, there’s many things that could stop you can from carrying out any in person activities in your business.

And at the time of writing this, we’re a few weeks in to the global pandemic caused by Covid-19, meaning that a huge number of businesses have had to rethink what they offer, or even just close their doors.

So, now is an excellent time to think about how you could have more of an online aspect to your business, in case you need to (or don’t have have any choice to) scale back your normal day to day business.

Here’s some ideas for you to consider:

  1. Providing a live video version of your services (if for example you provide any kind of education, activities, classes, music/dancing/fitness etc)
  2. Create a membership model for your services. Could you come up with a way to provide something online, on a monthly basis, such as lessons, resources, a community on social media with access to you as well?
  3. Set up a group coaching offer. Again if you do anything revolving around teaching or classes, you could get a group of people together online, in a social media chat group, on live video calls (using something like Zoom or Skype)
  4. Record an online workshop. Using software like Loom or Screencastomatic you can record your screen, with slides created in Powerpoint or Canva you can easily pull together a workshop to teach something that others would like to learn how to do.
  5. If you would like to still send out physical products, is it feasible to create a kit that relates to your normal in person services? Such as a DIY kit or activity in a box.
  6. Start a subscription box that would work well alongside your existing business. I have a free facebook group on this exact topic as well as a fab ebook (if I do say so myself!)
  7. Sell gift vouchers that can be bought now and used at a later date
  8. Come up with an online course idea, sell it on a pre-order basis so that customers know it’s not going to be launched for a few weeks. Once you have some paying ‘students’ you can start creating it. I highly recommend Membervault as a course platform as it’s free if you have under 50 students so it gives you a chance to test it! Try it here (this is an affiliate link but I don’t promote anything I don’t love!)
  9. Sell off old stock via a live market night. If you have a product based business this is a great way to still make some sales.
  10. Open an etsy shop and sell digital resources that are relevant to your business and customers. You can get 40 free listings by using my referral link here.
  11. Provide 1-1 consultations over the telephone over video call
  12. Write an ebook or how to guide. SendOwl is a great tool for delivering this to your customers automatically once they’ve paid.
  13. Plan an online event with other business owners that offer something similar to you but not necessarily ‘competing’ businesses
  14. Create a bundle of resources with other business owners and all market the same thing
  15. Come up with a free challenge idea, a 3 day, 5 day or 10 day challenge that you can use to build your email list, establish trust with people who are new to your world, and demonstrate your expertise. This warms up your audience ready for when you have something to sell.
  16. Create print on demand products. With companies such as Redbubble, you can have pretty much anything put on pretty much anything. Photos put onto cushion covers, artwork put onto mugs, slogans put onto sweatshirts, logos put onto bath mats or quotes put onto phone cases. There’s so much option here, and they print and ship the products so it’s a great thing to add to your business.
  17. Record a series of videos and sell as ‘4 weeks to XYZ’, releasing one video a week. As mentioned before, Membervault is a great platform to host this.
  18. Show others how to create a business just like yours. This is a bit of a controversial one as not everyone wants to bring more competition onto the scene. However, this could be an interesting avenue to explore and could completely change your business model if it goes well!
  19. Write a book and self publish it. is something worth looking at for this
  20. Explore other products or services that you could promote for a commission. Whether that’s through a network marketing business, or an affiliate scheme. Affiliate marketing is a brilliant way to bring in some extra income without having to create new products or services of your own. The earnings will be a lower level but if you can promote a few great things that your audience will love then this is something that you can set up fairly quickly.

If you would like to know more about any of these options then you’re welcome to come and chat about it in my free group – although the theme around my group is content, we are all in the same boat of being business owners who are trying to make sure our eggs aren’t all in one basket. Remember that any part of your business could come to a halt at any time, for so many reasons, so it’s great to have a back up plan and some additional things up your sleeve!

Head over to the facebook group and join the chat!

Sammie x

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